GeoPex Ltd

Founded in 2005 GeoPex is specialized in planning, consultancy and R&D activities in the fields of engineering geology

Services include the following areas

  • Planning: Preliminary projects, Preliminary engineering, Final engineering
  • Construction: Road and field engineering, Test construction, Supervision
  • Aggregate: Extraction plans, Environmental permits, Soil and bedrock surveys and mapping, Bedrock samples by blasting
  • By-products and industrial wastes: Materials studies, Test construction, Productization, Environmental permits, Supervision of construction
  • Specialist branches: Aggregate quality investigations, Groundwater and surface water investigations, Guidelines writing

Most important customers

  • The centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres)
  • Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
  • Industrial and energy plants (e.g. forest industry, municipal energy plants)
  • Aggregate selling firms


CEO, Adjunct Professor, PhD (geologist) Pekka Vallius
+358 400 341 090
GeoPex Ltd, Verkkopolku 2 A2, 02230 Espoo, FINLAND